Terra Naomi at The Viper Room: Strippers, Vicodin, Infidelity

February 2, 2010
The Viper Room, Hollywood

Terra Naomi

Terra Naomi

Don’t ever let me miss a Terra Naomi show again!  A lot of people were excited about the last-minute Jack’s Mannequin show at The Viper Room last night.  I was equally excited about Terra Naomi’s opening set.

I’ve been following Naomi’s career and watching her perform since 2006, but I’ve missed a few shows recently and I won’t do that again.  During last night’s performance at The Viper Room, Naomi performed some of my old favorites including “Say It’s Possible” and “Vicodin Song,” along with several new songs which have already become favorites.

Terra Naomi

Terra Naomi

“You For Me” and “Nobody Knows You Anymore” are songs about love, loneliness, and being okay with it all.  Naomi’s voice is beautiful as ever, but what I love most about Naomi and her music is that she’s real.  Yes, she’ll sing about pills, strippers, and infidelity; and she’ll sing about them with a smile (likely because they’re in the past).

I often see (and choose not to write about) some pretty, off-the-shelf, perfect-package bands – the ones record labels love.  They look the part, they have catchy tunes, they sing about things they’ve seen on the news but haven’t experienced, and their lyrics are accessible enough that they don’t require any thought or reflection on the part of the listener.

Terra Naomi: okay with it all

Terra Naomi: okay with it all

Terra Naomi is the complete opposite of this and therefore represents everything I love.  She’s honest and real, never compromising her integrity or music for the sake of a cute pop song.  Her songs are fantastic, but you’ll likely not hear them on The Hills, so be sure to see Terra Naomi when you have the opportunity.

If you missed last night’s show at The Viper Room, you can catch Terra at Hotel Cafe tonight at 8:00 pm.



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3 responses to “Terra Naomi at The Viper Room: Strippers, Vicodin, Infidelity

  1. puck

    Yes but while Terra is as you say “real;” the opposite of packaged, she’s really very accessible. She doesn’t default to easy musical solutions, so her melodies are often surprising, which is the opposite of boring. Same with her lyrics and themes.

    And I also think “Nobody Knows You Anymore” is a brilliant song. I can’t count how many times I’ve listened to it.

    I found your post on Twitter, thanks for sharing, I really enjoyed your review.

    • Hi! Thank you for your insightful comment. I agree, Terra’s music is very accessible. To me, it’s even more accessible than others precisely because it is authentic, tangible, and real.

      Not only that, but Terra herself is accessible, allowing her fans to be part of the process (i.e. the YouTube fan “Say It’s Possible” video), Twitter, blogs, etc.

      I could go on and on about how amazing Terra is!

  2. What a nice review. Indeed become addicted to seeing Terra perform live. Makes me happy 🙂

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