Yeasayer at the Natural History Museum

February 5, 2010
First Fridays
Natural History Museum
Los Angeles, CA



I can’t wait to see what people write about this show!  Last night Yeasayer played among the dinosaurs, bison, and moose at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles.  This was the second show of the First Fridays event series in 2010.

I’ve lived in Los Angeles since 1991 and had never even considered going to the Natural History Museum (not sure I knew it existed) until the First Fridays series in 2009.  During a memorable Friday night in Los Angeles, in 2009, dancing among the elephants, while Z-Trip crushed the turntables, the Natural History Museum became one of my favorite music venues in Los Angeles.  Imagine seeing an amazing band perform in a hall, surrounded by life-sized animals.



It might not work for every band, but if you’re Yeasayer, you’re stoked to be playing in the North American Mammals Hall of the Natural History Museum.  Having spent an hour or so exploring the museum, listening to the sounds of birds, watching paleontologists restore dinosaur bones, marveling at stones and gems from around the world, walking through jungles trying to identify camouflaged animals, the next logical step was to enter the North American Mammals Hall and see Yeasayer.



It felt as if we’d found some hidden jungle path and discovered a tribal ritual of music and dance.  The birds could be heard in Yeasayer’s whistles.  The light could be heard reflecting off the gems as Yeasayer tapped the high notes on the keyboard.  And you could definitely feel the thump of dinosaurs moving around you as Yeasayer struck the deep bass lines.



Other bands have tried to do this.  I’ve seen ’em.  But Yeasayer does it funkier.  Yeasayer does it sexier.  Yeasayer is having more fun.  They do it so well, it almost feels forbidden.  It would be a disservice to try to describe what goes down at Yeasayer’s live show – you’ve just got to experience it.

I left the show feeling like I got away with something.  I left the show feeling like I had become part of something that is about to explode.

Yeasayer left the show with these words: “Thank you to all the animals!”



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2 responses to “Yeasayer at the Natural History Museum

  1. Ripped Off

    Sounds like it was a great show if you could actually get into the hall where they played… The Natural History Museum oversold the venue by almost 2:1. Apparently if you have to work and show up an hour before the opener like most venues, your ticket to see Yeasayer live is almost meaningless. No, standing in the echoing marble lobby watching Yeasayer on projectors and hearing them via 3 crappy PAs is not seeing them live and is not good enough. I bought more than a month ago and was really, really looking forward to the show. Massive fail for the NHM and First Fridays — I feel deceived and ripped off. Worst concert experience I’ve had in LA.

    • That sucks. Sorry you had a bad experience. I imagine they’ll do something to fix this in the future. Hopefully you’ll get to see Yeasayer at Coachella or somewhere else soon.

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