Nico Vega Kicks It Up A Notch At The El Rey

February 26, 2010
The El Rey Theater, Los Angeles

Nico Vega crush the El Rey

Nico Vega crushes the El Rey

I love it when a band transforms a venue. I’ve experienced it before – that feeling that a venue I know so well, and associate with hundreds of other live performances, has been transformed into another band’s playground.  For a moment you’re transported to an alternate reality. You lose track of space and time, forget that you own a cell phone, and question what city you’re in. That’s what Nico Vega did at the El Rey Friday night.

Nico Vega Blood Machine

Nico Vega Blood Machine

I’ve seen this band perform countless times and have always been impressed, but something was different this time. I don’t think drummer Dan Epand sat on his stool for more than a few seconds. With each strike of the drumsticks, Epand levitated completely. Rich Koehler was playing guitar as if it were a rocket launcher and we were all headed to another galaxy. And Aja Volkman, who is and always has been, a star, took us there.

When their set concluded, my friend looked at me and said, “Well, I don’t need to see anything else!”

I’d say we should all see Nico Vega again.  Hopefully soon.



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3 responses to “Nico Vega Kicks It Up A Notch At The El Rey

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  2. Chauncy

    Yes! That’s what I experienced. However, the sound on your videos is much better than the sound I remember at the El Rey. Or, maybe I was just too mesmerized by Aja’s every move – I’ve never wanted to be someone else, but this may have changed that. And how could you miss every beat that popped Dan right out of his seat, it definitely brought a smile to my face. Why haven’t I seen them more is the question I am left with.

  3. Anthony

    Spot on! You can’t deny the power of Nico Vega playing live.

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