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9 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi C–lovely notes from a superb night of music (don’t think I’m prejudiced just cuz I was onstage the whole time, being an honorary Black Widow)–yes, it was, at times, intimate, hhorny, funny, and touching. Butch is an amazing writer and performer, and I feel honored to share the music with him any chance I get. We do a live music night every Weds at Melody Bar and grill in Westchester, and Butch was our musical guest two weeks ago (and yes, we played a bunch of the new tunes–they totally rock)–come down some time and we’ll share a drink, and who knows, perhaps Mr. Walker will pop in on his motorcycle and play a bit..Cheers, Stephen “Doc” Patt

  2. WOW! Great stuff, wished I could of gone. I am going to share your article with others for sure!

  3. Hi Colette!
    I’ve been enjoying your entries, especially the Thom Yorke concert at the Echoplex. And I’m wondering what camera you have or use predominantly for the shows. The quality is very good even in low light. My sister and I have tried a few different models between us but have yet to find one that we like or that records with a quality even close to yours.

    Thanks, and cheers!

  4. Manfredi

    Thank you Colette for your post on Thom York live at the Echoplax. I live in Italy but your videos and your words made me almost feel like I was there.

  5. Alejandro

    Hey! i just entered your site to read some news about the thom yorke show, thanks for the videos!
    I’ll read some more articles later but the one about nick hornby was great.
    Greetings from Paraguay-South America

  6. Leonard E

    “Summer camp songs have more depth than some of the stuff that’s currently on the radio.”


    Great stuff Colette!

  7. Jen

    Hi Colette! I met you last night at the show. How incredible was that. Geez, I feel so blessed. I was looking up stuff about the show, and I found your blog. Your article was amazing. Good job! The pictures and video were fantastic too. If you have the time (and energy, haha), I would love if you could share more pics with me. Thanks, and I hope to keep in touch. Peace, Love and NIN, Jen

    • Hi! I’m so happy you found me — realized when I left last night we never exchanged info. Thank you for letting me get that clear line of sight for the pics & videos 🙂

      Yes, at some point soon (hopefully this weekend), I’ll post more pics in an album and send you the link.

      Please keep in touch and tell James I said “hello” too.

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